We pledge to embrace transparency and honesty without hesitation.

​We believe that maintaining healthy relationships is essential. We promise an open and honourable relationship with you. We don’t tolerate secrecy, and because we believe you deserve better, we will inform you as best we can to increase awareness around conscious consuming.​

In keeping with our ethical practices, we are a strictly vegan and cruelty-free brand.

By embracing true causes, we hope to balance and help heal this planet by giving a portion of our earnings to community programmes that positively impact the environment and society.

Powered by nature.

All of our products are powered by nature.
Because we use a combination of natural and naturally-derived ingredients, some of these can quickly degrade, risking the stability of our formulas.

To ensure your Tidhá products are protected and stable, we choose skin-friendly supporting synthetics that are proven safe, reliable and are ECO-CERT/COSMOS approved.

The truth is there are good and bad skin care ingredients. We believe both natural and synthetic ingredients need to be considered on a case-by-case basis to determine their effectiveness when it comes to the benefits of skin and personal health.

We care.

We engage with integrity and quality. If an ingredient does not satisfy our strict quality guidelines, it's not worthy of going into our products. ​

Our virtue measures for responsibly sourced, high-quality ingredients:​ ​

- We only work with manufacturers and suppliers who comply with industry and regulation standards. ​

- Ingredients are expertly tested for efficacy, safety and stability and are compliant with relevant laws.

-​ Every ingredient must provide value and deliver excellent results for your skin. ​

- We only select ingredients for our formualtions that work harmoniously together.