At Tidhá, we promote responsible manufacturing and packaging processes because we believe in creating awareness for the greater good of our planet. ​
We can proudly say that all of our Tidhá skincare products are formulated and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

We only work with Australian ingredient suppliers whose values and ethics are in line with our own and support NON-GMO and sustainable agriculture practices.

Packaging Practices

We know that every decision we make has an impact on our planet, so we try our best to make the right choices.​

We use recyclable materials wherever possible. All of our paper packaging is FSC certified, printed with eco-friendly ink and free from plastic laminates.​ We make every effort to select the best containers and packaging to provide extra protection to our products, limiting exposure to UV light and preventing active compound deterioration.​

All of our shipping solutions, including packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, shipping mailers and even our labels are Earth-friendly - in fact they are 100% home compostable. 

Cruelty-Free Practices

At Tidhá, we believe in a kinder world and one that's free from animal testing.

That's why we make it our promise to never use animal-derived ingredients in any of our products, nor do we test any ingredients on animals.​

We vow never to sell our products in countries that perform animal testing.

What can you do to help?

Small changes can create positive results.

You can help by committing to conscious recycling and effectively filtering your waste so items can be diverted from landfill. Improper recycling is a significant barrier to effective waste management.

If you want to help save a little more on waste, please note that our mailer bags come with a double adhesive strip for your convenience and are re-usable.

Tell all your friends. The power of sustainable thinking can create a positive future. You can be the motivation for change and move more people towards greater awareness.