By Petra Banks

Get In Tune With The New Moon

New moon ceremonies, rituals, and practices have been around and celebrated since the time of the ancients. The moon’s monthly lunar phase is a 29 ½ day cycle that makes its rounds through each of the astrological signs before beginning once again the next calendar month. Each of these phases carries its own unique and specific energy. This powerful and potent cycle marks the time of birth and rebirth. 

Each month, we get the opportunity to start over again with the freshness of the New Moon. Following the rhythms and phases of the cycles of the moon is a deeply beautiful and enriching way to connect with the movements of nature, alongside the natural rhythms of our physical bodies, making it a great time for intention setting, cleansing and the renewal of energies.

In Sync and in Tune With The Energy of the Moon

If you are a sensitive-intuitive, you might want to begin a water fast on the day of the New Moon or start adding more liquids to what you currently find yourself drinking throughout your day. The moon’s energy has a special effect on water and the way it interacts and affects us emotionally and spiritually. 

Surrender and Self-Care

The new moon provides us with a perfect time for ritual moments to be in contemplation, meditation, prayer, and mindful times of thought. It’s a time where we can utilise our creativity and use the cycle as a time personal to us by how we design it to fit our own purposes for intention setting. Planting seeds for a brighter future, we can work upon releasing anything that remains with us so that fresh energy can take us into new places of life. Surrendering, letting go of the past and any sense of control that may be holding us back.

Your spiritual, ritual can be enacted on the day of the new moon itself or within the 3 days of it when the energy is at its strongest point. Be sure to create space for something sacred and peaceful. Keep in mind, exactly which phase in the zodiac the new moon will be flowing through.

Set aside your basics, such as candles, a journal or notepad, pen or pencil. To start out for your very first New Moon ritual, just keep it really simple and develop a small routine that reflects the theme which resonates with defined plans for birthing something new into your life.

The following are simple ideas of some things you might consider while creating your New Moon Ritual:

● Take a salt bath using Epsom and Himalayan salts (Other ingredients might include essential oils, Florida Water, rose petals, apple cider vinegar, etc ). As you wash, use the time for deep contemplation, visualisation, and prayer. Imagine washing away all the old as you pour the warm water over your head.

● Get your favourite pen, and journal or notepad. Create a list of 10 things that you plan to leave behind to make room for the new things you have decided to bring into your life. Create your own affirmation to go alongside your list as a way to affirm and confirm your commitment to the list. Design a contract and pact for yourself as a form of accountability to your commitment to new beginnings, going forward. Add regulations, stipulations, etc. and anything else you might want to include to hold yourself to your own written rules for yourself.

● Make a hot cup of soothing and healing tea, using your favourite mug. Sit down in your most comfortable seating area or with a meditation pillow on the floor. Do so with an accompanying soundtrack of calming music to set the atmosphere for a mindful tone. Use this time for nothing other than quiet reflection.

● Utilising the proper supplies (scissors, coloured pens and markers, construction paper, old magazines, newspapers) Quietly sit down and create a collage with words and phrases that inspire you for the new beginnings that you plan to initiate. Use this time for reflection and quieting the mind for something creative and inspiring that uplifts your spirit in a meaningful way.

● Light a couple candles (white for new moon beginnings), burn a little sage to clear the energy of the chosen room or sacred space, sit with a sound bowl. Allow yourself to tune into the vibrations and feel them through your body. Simply sit in the silence quietly and allow yourself to sense, hear, feel and intuit what’s coming in. Stay in the moment and don’t judge the thoughts that come in and out. Allow yourself to be blissfully in peace, taking in deep, full-bodied breaths, honing in on your thoughts to reign them in as they wander in and out of your mind.

Creating a new moon ritual for your personal self-care is deeply personal to you. Make it for you and about you alone. The point is to connect with yourself, with nature, and to surrender your worries, fears, and apprehensions over to the divine. Trust, allow and let go of all the old stuff that simply doesn’t work for your life anymore, bringing in the new. Remember that energy is currency and the new moon’s energy focused on your manifestations is what you are seeking to accomplish for your abundant life.