By Petra Banks

6 Key Reasons To Read More

You already know that reading is essential, but have you ever wondered why? While you’re thinking about it when was the last time you grasped a good book in your hands? In a fast-paced digitally heightened society, there seem so many other things to do with one’s time. Reading isn’t just a great form of self-care; it boasts a ton of emotional, mental and psychological benefits. The more you read, the more you understand the world around you, permitting you to learn something new, expand your vocabulary and knowledge while developing new thinking skills. Not only that, but reading helps you grow as a person, and it can help you discover more about the inner workings of, well, you.

Reading Helps You Discover Yourself

Reading can inspire you to ask questions, challenge opinions to help enhance personal growth, and general well-being. 

Reading Can Improve Focus And Concentration

In today’s accelerated, internet-driven world, we see a lower ability to focus as well as a decreased ability to concentrate for long periods. Reading, however, is one of the habits that can improve your concentration skills. Reading forces you to quit multitasking to stay present and focus all of your attention to the given moment. Continual reading can help you spread this focus and attention to other areas of your life.

Reading Can Reduce Stress

An interesting book can transport you away from the stresses of daily life. A captivating story lets those stressful inputs fall away, allowing you, at least at the moment, to relax and relieve tension.

Reading can Increase Knowledge

As human beings, we’re motivated to learn, discover, inform action, problem solve and challenge ourselves in new ways to enrich our minds, stay stimulated and increase our knowledge. Increased knowledge is an immeasurable skill and one that is yours forever. Same goes with your vocabulary. A well-written informative book is a gateway to a whole new language, and it can enhance your writing skills. The more you read, the more you’ll retain new words, information and communication skills that you can use in your daily life.

Reading Can Improve your Memory

As you read, your brain produces new brain pathways that assist in your ability to recall short-term memories; improving brain function on a variety of levels. Regular reading is like a work out for your brain; it increases your brain power and can keep your mind sharper for longer.

Reading Improves Your Emotional Health

Finally, books can arouse many different of emotions within you, leading the way to emotional growth.

For some people reading may not as be enjoyable as it is for others. I can identify with reading being one of my least favourite pastimes, but now I love delving deep into a good book. I am full of enjoyment, knowing that each book I read gives me more opportunity to top up my knowledge, explore new ideas within myself and challenge my own opinions. At the moment I am currently reading An Autobiography Of A Yogi.